Photo Lab PROHD picture editor App Reviews

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Super genial

Die beste Foto-App ever! Einfach nur total geil.

Love this app

LOVE this app easy to use

Awesome and easy to use

I just love this app. Not only does it offer many fun features for your pictures, but it is also easy to use!

Photo Lab

This app is a joy to use, what a difference it makes in my photos- I use it on my iPhone & iPad. I love it ❣


Great App! Fun and Complete! Love it!


This is a fun , one of the best of this sort Ive found!

Lots of fun

Very easy to use and lots of fun

Awesome! So many effects

This is crazy good! Im a cat fan myself and there are so many creative cat effects and so many others!!

Cool photo effects

Lots of different styles that give a very awesome effect! Give it a try...youll like it!

Lots of fun

This is a very nice app. It works much differently than many of the photo app. One must select the effect you want to use, then select the photo you wish to use (either from the photos or from the live camera). Then the app uses their "lab" through the internet, to compose the photo and return it to your phone/iPad. The results are generally quite good. You can choose to send the results by email, Facebook, etc., save to photos, or delete. The original photo is not altered. You may not use it often-- but when you do use this app you will like the results!

Great App

Fun app. Good interface. Easy to use. Could benefit from more style templates. It would be great to have more free style capabilities. Overall- very vey nice.


I like this app you can do nice things with it good frames as well 12/30/16 the more I use it the more I like it


Great way of making art from your pictures


The coolest app I have

Excellent app!

This app. is unreal! There are so many photo combinations it almost seems endless. What a way to spice up your photos at an excellent price.


Such a brilliant, simple app that gives amazing results. Love the pencil art option!

Awesome app. 4.5 stars

Paid pro, keeps popping up to rate. Otherwise 5star.

Great app for adding unique style to photos

I really enjoy using this app to make stylish versions of my photos. I also like the holiday specific category which is very handy.


The mark of a great app is that, in its wake, you end up deleting the 2 or 3 apps you accumulated whilst searching for the "right one". This is such app. Prodigious in its scope, and ruthlessly playful in all the right spots. Though, it could be a bit more balanced in regards to quirky vs. inspirational but the pursuit for balance is evident in its design, and whos to say somebody was never inspired by lighthearted spree or smirk? Not I! I upgraded to the PRO almost immediately after buying. It was the sensible thing to do, but the base version of the app is more than capable....keep up the good work! Hats off to the production team. Just one little quick suggestion/whimsical request: a Richard Diebenkorn motif filter in yr masterpiece section would be stellar.


You will not be disappointed with this app. It has far more features and capabilities than any other app you can find.

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